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Should You Propose At A Wedding?

Should You Propose At A Wedding?

Let’s talk PROPOSALS. As you all know, it’s the way we say I’m ready for Marriage!’ Do this well and
you are on your way to happily ever after. Do it wrong, she may ‘torment’ you with it forever (that is
if she says YES!). Let me tell you one of the easiest places to propose and you don’t have to plan give
silly excuses to hide the surprise.

Should You Propose At A Wedding?








One of the best places to propose is at a wedding. I can see you are already raising your eye brows
(put it down first). You are wondering if you should propose at a wedding.
Let me tell you why.
1. She is already prepared (make up, dress, nails on fleek).
2. No guessing game (She will definitely be surprised).

But before you go about proposing at a wedding, here’s what you should do
so that it’s not a disaster.

1. You should be friends with the couple. Don’t pull a surprise at a stranger’s wedding. It is
2. Inform the couple and seek permission: Contrary to what many believe about Ladies, we are
actually very romantic and wouldn’t mind sharing a bit of the day with our friend if we are aware of
the surprise.

3. Let the wedding planner be aware: The wedding planner is the logistics and program manager for
that day so let her be in the know. Also, no wedding planner like surprises at their event.
4. Think about the proposal. The fact that you don’t have to think of how to get her dressed without
her guessing doesn’t mean you shouldn’t put in the effort. How will you make the propBoascakltsopteocpial?

5. Pre-pick the right time, song and style. Inform the couple and wedding planner about this
6. Get a YES! and celebrate
7. Try this and let us know Don’t forget to capture it on camera.
Yes, you’re welcome from your Exceptional Event Planner *winks*
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