My Fiancée Wants A Prenup – Help Me!

Our bride Rebecca needs your advise. Here’s her story. She met her boyfriend James at a fund raising dinner a year ago and they both hit it off. It was love at first sight.

Should I sign the wedding prenup

Fast forward some months down the line, they started dating. The dating period has been great. Getting to know each other better, the usual clashes, communication was great and they seemed to handle conflict maturely.

Last month, James proposed and told Rebecca she’s the perfect fit for him. Of course she accepted and wedding plans began. However, James was going to drop a bomb shell on her that would change everything. You see, James was a big boy. Though he didn’t inherit wealth from his parent, he worked hard to be rich and have his life put together. He was a believer in the saying that “Women love Money and you should always protect your purse.”

He knew Rebecca loved him with all her heart, she believes that marriage should last a life time but (no be wetin everybody dey talk be that?). He summoned courage and told Rebecca that they would only get married if she signed a Prenup.

Rebecca was surprised and angry. Why would you want me to sign a prenup? Why would you even thing that there’s a possibility of divorce in our future? They agreed to have revisit the discussion when she is able to come to a conclusion. The conversation kept playing in her head. She is now reconsidering her decision to marry James, should I sign the prenup or just end things with him.

She needs your honest opinion. If you were in Rebecca’s shoes, what would you do?

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