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Live Band Or DJ At Your Wedding? Which Is BETTER?

Live Band Or DJ At Your Wedding? Which Is BETTER?

Music is a very important part of our wedding culture as Nigerians. There is no wedding without Music. Not just any music but great music is a MUST. Have you ever considered which is preferred for a wedding reception? Live band or DJ (if you have, let me know in the comment section).

Today, I will be highlighting the differences between them and which is most preferred for your wedding reception.

Let’s get started!

Before we start, it is clear that you want to entertain guests at your wedding, you want it to be memorable and we are very peculiar as Nigerians and need non-stop entertainment on your wedding day.

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Let’s see the Pros of hiring a DJ
1. You get the song with the same quality sung by the artist
2. The music playlist is versatile and unending
3. You can switch from different genres and years playing all your favorites
4. Lyrics can’t be changed
5. Fastest way to bring the roof down (let’s go Gaga) because guests already know the songs

Live Band Or DJ At Your Wedding? Which Is BETTER?


Let’s see the Pros of hiring a Live Band
1. The live band provides energy because they are not just delivering the music but delivering them in
a visual manner.
2. Lyrics of the original song can be changed
3. The length of the song can be altered
4. Can give a different twist/interpretation to your favorite songs
5. May not bring the roof down (a good live band can definitely bring down the roof)

Which should you choose?

Typically, I advise my clients to go for both. They have something unique they bring to the table. Let me give you an example of a typical wedding reception program. Live band plays when the Parents of the Bride, Parents of the Groom are dancing in, parents and families dance. DJ plays for the bridal party and couple entrance.

DJ plays for the Afterparty! This is a must if you want a “TURNT” crowd.

A good DJ and Live band can read the room and determine the proper pace of the event. They can alternate between different music styles or tempo to suit the crowd.

Generally, at Eventigo, we advise couples to pay for both live band and DJ because of the uniqueness they bring. A live band is generally more expensive than a DJ because they need more and heavy sound equipment to produce quality sound.

Before now, only with a Live band are you guaranteed to be sprayed money but nowadays, you can be sure to be sprayed money with either a DJ or Live band.

Which are you choosing for your wedding? Let us know in the comment.

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