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5 Must Know Pro-Tip For Event Venue Selection In Nigeria

5 Must Know Pro-Tip For Event Venue Selection In Nigeria

Are you planning an event and wondering about the type of venue that would be suitable for your event? Then this post is for you.

5 Must Know Pro-Tip For Event Venue Selection In Nigeria


When it comes to selecting a venue for any type of event (wedding, conference, training, team building, birthdays and many more) a lot of people think its just about getting a space that would accommodate the number of guests intended to attend. While this is definitely an important element to consider, this is not the only thing to look at.

Here are my top 5 tips or consideration before you get a venue


As I mentioned earlier, this should top the list. How many guests are you looking to host? With the COVID guidelines put in place in your state or country, will that space accommodate your number of guests? Will you be able to allow for social distancing and more. Also, give room for contingency. Your event might be for 200 guests but I advise that you choose a venue that can accommodate at least 250 in whatever setting your event would require.

5 Must Know Pro-Tip For Event Venue Selection In Nigeria



Proximity and access is a factor to consider when choosing a venue. Consider where your target audience would be coming from. Is the venue easy to locate? Is the road network access good? Are there things you would need to warn your guests or attendees about (e.g One-way access or roads available?). Is the road to the venue good? Will it be flooded when it rains? How many roads leads into the location?

Security and Parking

Most venues in Nigeria would have allocated parking spaces but how safe are the vehicles going to be? Will your cars be parked on the road? What is the arrangement with the government for the venue with regards tolling?
These are factors to put into consideration. Is the location safe? Some venues may be a great fit for your event but you need to ask if the place is considered safe especially at night (this is important especially if your event would end late). We don’t want any mishap or injury to a guest or participant on their way home from your event.

Amenities Available

This is where the type of event you’re hosting will come into play. Not all events need the same amenities but let me list some that are basic. You should consider the restrooms. Does it cater to both sexes? What number of restrooms are available? Will it be sufficientffor your guests? Will there be a standby cleaner? What are you entitled to? Tables, chairs, stage or platform? Generator? Air-conditioning and others. This should be tailored as required by your event before your make a decision regarding venue.


This is a big one. One of the factors that can make or break an event is the ambience. While you will need to engage the services of a decorator (we provide that service) to create your style and ambience, some venue selection makes it harder and more expensive for you to achieve that. Think about the type of venue styling you want and put that into consideration before you book that venue.
The choice of venue for an event can make or break the outcome of an event. Eventigo offers venue selection as part of her event planning services. Need help with that? Contact us today.


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