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4 Areas To Behoove For Your Wedding Mood board

4 Areas To Consider For Your Wedding Mood board

Congratulations on your upcoming wedding. My job is to make wedding planning easier for you (you’re welcome) so I have detailed 4 areas to consider when creating your wedding mood board. Let’s dive in!

What is a MOOD BOARD?

A Mood board is an essential part of your wedding design and ambience creation (popularly referred to as decoration). The purpose of this ranges from the ambience texture to the look and feel. While it may be easy to create a mood board for your brand or business, oftentimes, DIY brides don’t know where to start from for their weddings. This post will point you in the right direction with areas to focus on for your mood board and give you a sample mood board for download.

Before we go on, let’s define a Mood board – This is a type of visual presentation or collage consisting of images, text and samples of objects. It can be used to convey a general idea or feeling. Your wedding mood board will consist of majorly pictures because of its purpose.

It is worthy of note that mood board are not only for themed weddings. At Eventigo, we create a mood board for our brides to properly capture their dream wedding.

What are the major areas to consider?


Wedding Stage

1. Stage: There are different décor elements coming together for a wedding and the stage (where the couple would be seated) is a very important part. You can make the stage the anchor of your mood board. What color palette, what type of stage backdrop (covered with florals, no florals, minimalist, geometric e.t.c). Once you decide on the stage feel, you can begin to tie the other elements in.



2. Walkway: Every Nigerian wedding should have a defined walkway. This serves as a focal point where guests are ushered to their seats and makes the process coordinated. There are different things to consider here. How wide do you want your walkway to be, will it serve as a barricade to prevent interruption during the couple’s entrance? Do you want it rugged? What color? What floral arrangement, will there be an arch? e.t.c


3. Photo Area: We LOVE pictures and providing a great photo area definitely improves your guest experience. How many photo areas would you have? What type of photo areas? You should consider this and make sure it syncs with the other elements.



4. Table Center piece: This can be a make or break point in your desired ambience. What type of centerpiece would be used? Tall, short? Floral arrangements? Candles etc. They should be included in your mood board.

There you have it! 4 major areas to consider when creating your wedding mood board. Download a
free wedding mood board HERE.

P.S: Pinterest and Instagram are good sources for inspiration.

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