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How Much Does A Court Wedding In Nigeria Cost

How Much Does A Court Wedding In Nigeria Cost?

Getting married legally in Nigeria has become easier with the advent of online registration for the court/civil wedding. This post tells you all you need to know about how much it would cost you to have a court wedding ceremony/marriage license in Nigeria 2021.

Civil/Court wedding certificate are the globally recognized document of a marriage contract between a man and woman. This is a legally binding document and though we have our traditional, church wedding ceremonies, you have to conduct a civil wedding to be recognized as Husband and Wife and enjoy all the benefit the law provides.

types of court wedding licenses in Nigeria

While many Nigerians don’t regard it as a big deal because many people don’t have a proper celebration after the joining. This is gradually changing as many couples are now opting for a private civil wedding and with this, you can have whatever type of setting you want, the ambience, the scenery and a reception. To know more about how to get your dream wedding even with a court wedding, let me tell you how FREE. Click here

So, what’s the average cost of a court/civil wedding in Nigeria?

Here’s the breakdown
1. Special marriage is 35,000 naira
2. Ordinary marriage is 21,000 naira
3. Change of venue is 30,000 naira
The timeline for an ordinary marriage is 21 days while that of a special marriage is 7 days.
To know the difference between an ordinary and special marriage before you choose, read this post.
So, with 51,000 naira (120 USD) you can have an ordinary civil wedding in Nigeria.

If you are like me that don’t like ordinary, We can help you have your dream wedding even with your
court or civil wedding. Click here.
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