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Who Are Wedding Day Coordinators, What Do They Do

Who Are Wedding Day Coordinators, What Do They Do?


Chances are that you are going to be overwhelmed on your wedding day whether you planned your wedding yourself or hired a professional wedding planner.

In fact, you are not expected to be the one running around ensuring a seamless wedding. This is where your Wedding Day Coordinator comes in.

The wedding day coordinator is a professional that takes away stress and resolve problems that pops up so the couple and their guests can enjoy every moment.

A wedding day coordinators role would include the following;

  • Overseeing all vendors
  • Managing the wedding timeline
  • Managing vendor relationship
  • Overseeing venue set up
  • Resolve issues that come up
  • Ensuring a flawless execution of the plans already made

They’re also the point of contact for vendors, so questions/concerns are diverted away from the couple and their families.

The cost of hiring a wedding day coordinator varies and factors to consider are scope of work, expected number of guests, location and more.

The cost of a wedding day coordinator will be significantly lesser than the cost of a wedding planner. At Eventigo, we currently charge between 200,000 – 400,000 naira for weddings we coordinate.

Many times, a wedding day coordinator will also have a team of other coordinators who team up to ensure your wedding runs smoothly and they begin the coordination at least two weeks before the wedding day.

The wedding day coordinator will ensure that there are enough seats for the number of guests
expected, hair, make up are going as scheduled. Handle logistics relating to the event. Creating event timelines and ensuring the couple, family and vendors stick with it.

The wedding day coordinator is the primary point of contact for all wedding vendors.

They are the manager on duty, overseeing vendors’ work and making sure they do their jobs according to what was contracted and paid for.

From experience, couples have a lot of missing details and we basically have to plan the wedding for them in a short period of time.

One of the most challenging but important jobs of the day-of wedding coordinator is putting out fires and troubleshooting problems the day of or right before the wedding.

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