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Top 5 Timing Mistakes All Brides Make While Wedding Planning

Top 5 Timing Mistakes All Brides Make While Wedding Planning

Top 5 Timing Mistakes All Brides Make While Wedding Planning


Timing is everything right? This is particularly true when planning a wedding.

Exactly when are you supposed to start planning your wedding? What order should it follow? When should you book your vendors? When exactly is the right time to find a venue?

We are breaking it down for you so you can avoid some of the most common timing mistakes brides make during wedding planning

1. Reaching Out to Vendors Too Early
I know you have seen so many vendors on Instagram and you have determined that you will love to book for your own wedding but making enquiries 3 years before your wedding date is a bit premature.

2. Paying vendor deposits Prior to Hiring Your Wedding Planner
If you plan to hire a wedding planner, you expect that there is a wealth of experience they have and insight to point you in the right direction.

Ensure you always consult with your wedding planner before making major wedding decisions, like booking a venue, hiring a decorator, videographer etc

3. Procrastinating on Booking Key Vendors
This is a very common mistake that couples make especially during high wedding seasons (like the ember months). Waiting till late minute to decide and book a key vendor will definitely impact on your wedding ceremony.

Key vendors include photographers, Band, videographer, make-up artist, hair stylist, coordinators. These are vendors that can’t handle high volume.

4. Underestimating Number of Guests For Open Invitations
Sending out the exact number of invites for an open event is a common mistake that a lot of couples make.

Many times, you have to consider that guests may come with an additional guest except if stated the card admits one. Options would be to increase the number of guests or reduce the number of invites been sent out.

5. Focusing on Smaller Details First
Smaller details are easier to focus on and get out the way but focusing on this makes it easier to procrastinate and focus on bigger elements until it is almost late.

For example, deciding on the type of table setting, napkin colors and charger plates should be after you have gotten a caterer, decorator and venue.
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  1. Absolutely agree. As photographer I know that a lot of brides really didn’t think about it. And of course, if they just consider to use wedding planner services, they will get rid of all this problems.

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