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Remarkable Event Venues Types Available in Nigeria

Remarkable Event Venues Types Available in Nigeria

Hello guys. It’s another beautiful day to plan a wedding in Nigeria and I bring to you top event centers in Lagos that can sit 500 guests and above. Let me state that this capacity is based on banquet seating arrangement before COVID. With the COVID guidelines currently in place in Lagos state (correct at the time of writing), the occupancy is 50 percent of the original hall capacity with a maximum number of guests allowed at any event is 500 guests regardless of the size.

Lagos state is definitely a party place and we have several options when it comes to parties. There are different types of event centers with unique offerings. Let me highlight the possible options you can find in Lagos state.

Before I proceed, it is important to note that different facilities offer different amenities so you should
confirm the amenities that are associated with the space.
1. Marquee or Tents:
2. Open space
3. Garden
4. Structured building
5. Hotels

Marquee or Tents: This is a more flexible event space. It provides a lot of flexibility for your event decoration, set up, lighting. You can create a unique celebration in a marquee and can even partition it for different aspects of your wedding (if you want to use the same venue for both traditional wedding and reception). Marquees are usually bigger and can accommodate a higher number of guests. An average marquee can seat between 700 – 1000 guests though we have marquees in smaller and bigger sizes.


Remarkable Event Venues Types Available in Nigeria
Marquee Tent From Alibaba

Open space or field: This used to be a very popular option in the past but not as popular anymore. An open space is like a blank sheet that allows you to create the EXACT event design you desire. The possibilities with an open space is endless. With an open space, you bring in everything you need and create MAGIC!!


Remarkable Event Venues Types Available in Nigeria
Open Space in Ejigbo, Lagos State


Garden: If you love nature or green scenery, a garden-type space will be perfect for your event. It offers endless possibilities and would be perfect if your event is in the evening or starts at sunset. It is important to check the weather forecast to be sure the weather conditions are suitable.



Structured Building: This is usually a building designed for events. It is usually made with brick and mortar and not movable. They can be adapted for different types of events. Depending on the initial design of the building, some are more flexible than others. Many times, buildings have pillars that are used as support systems for the building which may affect the style and design of your event.



Hotels With Event Halls: This is definitely a very common option in Lagos State especially when you want an intimate event or wedding reception. Depending on the star rating of the hotel, the ambience hotels provide can be very amazing and a good foundation to style your event. Most hotels don’t allow outside catering and drinks for events so this should be something to consider if you want to use an hotel for your wedding. Also discuss corkage payments if you want to use outside catering.



Not sure of the event space that would be perfect for your event? Send us your event brief and we will respond.

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