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10 important things to do a day before your wedding

10 Important Things To Do The Day Before Your Wedding

We know you are very excited the day before your wedding. This is perfectly normal. Here are 10 important things you should do the day before your wedding for a great wedding day!



1. Eat a healthy meal

Though pizza, frizzy drinks, chocolates all feel like the best meal for great conversations with your bridesmaids, try to stick with fresh fruits and homemade meals. Healthy meals will have you wake up refreshed and energized which you definitely need on your big day.

2. Drink lots of Water
Make sure you have clean water at arm’s reach all the time and drink lots of it. This will ensure you stay hydrated and combat any dehydration that stress and running around may cause.

3. Turn Your Phone On Silent
Resist the temptation to keep scrolling on Tik tok, Instagram and social media and answering multiple messages. Turn your phone on silence and handover to someone you can trust and respond to only important calls or messages.
If you have no one to hand over your phone to, check your phone at one hour interval to attend to important messages.

4. Charge Your Phone
In addition to putting your phone on silent, ensure it is plugged into power. Even though you won’t use your phone that much on your wedding day, it’s good to have in on to take pictures, make videos that you can post before the professional videos and pictures are ready.

5. Have Cash At Hand
While you may not need any cash, it is good to have a small amount of cash (usually less than 20,000 naira) at hand to sort out any last minute emergency for yourself or your bridesmaid.

6. Get A Good Night Sleep
You want to wake up refreshed and well rested.

7. Write a Love Note To Your Partner
Something sweet and thoughtful. Remind your partner how excited you are to go on this adventure with them, how much you love them and present this letter on your wedding day.

8. Watch Something To Make You Relax
You want t ensure your mood is happy and uplifted. Play yourself your favorite movie, show or series (make sure you don’t spend too long watching).

9. Be Generous With Your “Thank You”
Be sure to thank people in advance for sticking by your side whilst planning the adventure of a lifetime. Thank your Parents, bridesmaids, friends, vendors, everyone who is contributing to your big day.

10. Practice Walking In Your Shoes
Make sure you practice walking in your wedding shoes (you don’t want an awkward walk on your big day) but especially walking on a straight line. Put on your favorite song and bust some moves. This will help you know your threshold for when your wedding shoes can become uncomfortable.
Remember to pack your wedding day bag.

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