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Today, I answer some of the most frequently asked questions about getting married in Nigeria. You already know we are a special bunch of people *laughs* and we do things differently. Even though the questions are focused on Nigerians, it also applies to anyone getting married so feel free to dive in.


Q: How much does a wedding cost
A: “Every wedding and couple is different! No two weddings are alike, just as no two couples are alike, nor are two wedding budgets alike though they can be similar. I encourage my clients to come up with an amount they are comfortable to spend on the big day with consideration to what their dream wedding is, financial support from friends and family, number of guests and the cost of goods and services in the industry.

Q: Should I have a first look
A: While this has become popular in the last 12 years, many couples don’t think it’s a right fit for them especially for those who may not want to see one another before the ceremony. Time constraints and the desire to have lots of beautiful memories makes the decision harder. I can tell you this for free. None of my clients have regretted the decision to have a first look, but I have had clients after the wedding say, ‘I wish we had done a first look because time just seem to fly away and we didn’t have many pictures together. Not sure how to approach this? There are many creative ways to have the essence of a first look without taking away from the magical moment of you walking down the aisle.

Q: I want my traditional and white wedding on the same day, Is This Possible?
A: Definitely! You can have your traditional and white wedding ceremonies on the same day. This is double true for Yoruba weddings where the traditional wedding is shorter. However, you need to be mentally prepared for the amount of activities packed into that day. Ensure your timelines are set and still flexible so you have all the memories captured.

Q: Do we have to ________?
A: My first answer is no. You really don’t need anyone’s permission to have certain things at your wedding. Also you don’t have to follow all the wedding traditions. Let your uniqueness show at your wedding. Remember, It’s YOUR WEDDING!

Q: How do I filter through the many information out there
A: The moment a bride is engaged, or announce a wedding date, you may find yourself with friends and family who are suddenly experts in wedding traditions, ceremony, what to do and what not to do. You may even get numerous IG stories of other people’s wedding which can be overwhelming. What I advice is that you stay true to yourself and while you pay attention to the traditions, etiquettes, don’t lose yourself.

Q: I want a strictly by invite wedding. Is it possible in Nigeria
A: Of course! While this is not the norm with a Nigerian wedding, many more families are adopting the strictly by invitation ceremony. For you to successfully pull this of, you need the corporation of family stakeholders though.

Q: Should I hire a live band or a Dj
A: Nothing kicks off a reception like good music. While both options are recommended, you can have a beautiful reception with anyone of them. The key consideration will be getting a Live band or DJ that is versatile and knows their onion.

Q: During planning, how do I know what to do next
A: When working with a planner, it’s best to rely on their experience to help guide you through the process. They will help you outline the decisions that need to be made, and in what order. However, if you do not have a planner to guide you, get resources that can help. A good one is the printable wedding planner by Eventigo there are also online lists to help.

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