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Wedding Planner VS Coordinator: Which is BETTER?

Wedding Planner VS Coordinator: Which is BETTER?

Wedding planner vs wedding coordinator: What is the difference

A lot of brides ask what the difference between a wedding planner and a wedding coordinator. Some people think they are the same while some think they are different. In this post, I will break it down so we can understand and know which one to hire for our wedding.

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A wedding planner as the name suggests, plans your wedding. The planning would include all the intricate parts of your wedding. The design, concept development, vendor sourcing and booking, budgeting and many more.

If you are a bride who have already thought out how your dream wedding should look like, then your wedding planner will develop that into a full concept and create your dream. But if you haven’t thought about all the details you want, you are also in safe hands with your wedding planner.

As part of their job is to create your DREAM WEDDING.

Your wedding planner would also be your wedding day coordinator in many case.

Wedding coordinator is the te of people that coordinates the day of youe wedding. There is no event without execution. Your wedding day is the day to execute all the beautiful ideas and all the planning comes together to create your dream wedding.

While a wedding planner would be hired early on (usually after your engagement), the wedding coordinator usually commences work 2-3 weeks before your wedding day.

Your wedding coordinator most times will create your wedding day event flow. They are the source of contact between you and your vendors.

Ensure that everything runs smoothly or deal with unforeseen circumstances.


What do I advise?
I always recommend that a bride hires a wedding planner for the following reasons;

1. They are able to professionally handle your wedding planning process
2. They are able to get you the best vendor deals
3. They take the stress off you and reduce the pressure off your neck
4. You have someone on your side especially when dealing with family members or parents who want to have everything their way
5. I consider it to be cheaper (mentally, emotionally, physically and even financially (indirect savings on vendors and more))
6. You won’t miss out any detail and can totally enjoy your wedding.

However, this is not to say that your wedding would be a flop if you don’t hire a wedding planner for whatever reason.

I advise that at the minimum, every bride should hire a wedding coordinator for their wedding day.
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