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Walking The Green Talk: Proven Blueprint For Sustainable Corporate Events

This is a guide that helps with the key decisions and actions needed to deliver a sustainable event to the environment. By incorporating these sustainable practices into your corporate event planning, organizations can lead by example thereby demonstrating a genuine commitment to the  environment. 

We have created a guide targeted to help you practice walking the noble walk of sustainable event planning for a greener future.

  1. Write your Sustainability Goals: It is important to clearly define detailed sustainability goals for that event. Also be clear if that would be the minimum sustainability goal for all events by your organization. This would provide a clear roadmap for achieving a more eco-friendly and socially responsible event.
  1. Opt for Eco-friendly Materials: Prioritize the usage of eco-friendly materials for event banners, promotional items and event signage. Choose to work with suppliers that adhere to sustainable production goals.
  1. Go Digital: Exploring digital options for your event affords you the opportunity to utilize event apps, online registration processes and email invitations. In addition, digital options allow for increased guest interaction prior to attending the event and can be a good marketing strategy for your organization. 
  1. Waste Reduction: One of the sustainable goals for event planning is to promote recycling and/or minimize waste generation. Take actions by implementing a comprehensive waste management, encouraging the use of reusable materials.
  1. Sustainable Catering Sourcing: Choose local and sustainable sourced food and beverage suppliers and also minimize food waste by thoroughly estimating the number of attendees, determine portion sizes and a way to distribute excess food after the event.
  1. Education: Incorporate education into your event agenda. It could be an announcement on how to properly make use of the waste bins provided at the venue, panel sessions, keynote speech and many more. Alternatively, you can engage knowledgeable speakers to share insights and raise awareness about the importance of practicing sustainability for the environment.
  1. Green partnerships: The goal would be to collaborate with vendors and sponsors who share a commitment to sustainability. Promoting and implementing environmentally-friendly practices and events.
  1. Continuous Improvement: Continuously enhance sustainability practices for future events, and use the insights to refine and improve sustainability strategies for subsequent events.

This is not an exhaustive list and you can definitely add yours but by defining and implementing these sustainability goals, your corporate event can serve as a positive example of responsible and environmentally conscious planning.

Here is the ultimate guide to planning your next corporate event.

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