How to plan a beautiful spectacular wedding with 1 million naira or less (1,750 USD)

Haa! This one is not possible nau….this people and false headlines…before you pass this post, slow down. Let me show you how you can have a beautiful wedding with 1 million naira or less in Nigeria 2022.

With this budget, you have to prioritize quality over quantity. Yes! You have to cut your guest size down.

Consider having not more than 50 people at your wedding reception.

With the guest size reduced, go ahead and book a date for your civil (court) wedding. This costs less than 50,000 naira (read blog post on license types)

Book your wedding outfits. For brides, don’t spend more than 60,000 naira on the civil wedding outfit. Grooms, you can wear that suit multiple times after so take it out of your personal dress budget hehe

plan a wedding on a budget
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Book a make up artist and hair stylist for home service regular outing/court wedding make up.

Book a photographer and videographer – they are very important to capture your wedding day memories. Request for e-copies only. You can make your wedding photobook and picture frame later.

Book a restaurant with great ambience that allows a private space at no additional cost. Preselect your menu and pay a deposit. Use this place for your wedding photoshoot and portraits!

restaurant wedding
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Book a decorator to create a picture area and backdrop design.

For music, create a playlist, put on a flash drive and share with the restaurant to play via their overhead speaker.

Select friends to act as your MC. Select a male and female to co-host your ceremony. Make sure you work on the order of program together.

Get Eventigo’s printable wedding planner for your wedding planning template so you don’t miss any detail.

Concentrate and enjoy your wedding!

Forever begins today!

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