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16 Must-Have Items To Include In Your Wedding Emergency Kit

It is surprising that a day that carries so much meaning, properly planned like your wedding day can have some uncertainty so it is good to plan ahead to ensure everything runs smoothly.

A wedding day emergency kit is a must have and here are some of the essential items to include in your kit. Remember! This emergency kit can also serve friends and family.

  1. Mini sewing kit: Ensure you have threads in the color of your wedding dress and that of your bridal party. You never know when a hem or a button might come loose.
  2. Safety pins: For quick fixes and to secure dresses or veils.
  3. Band-aids: In case of any small cuts or blisters and protect any sore spots on your feet
  4. Pain relievers: Headaches or other pains can pop up unexpectedly.
  5. Antacid and Antidiarrheal medication: Always be prepared for the unexpected.
  6. Breath mints or spray: To freshen up for those close-up moments.
  7. Tissues: For emotional moments.
  8. Deodorant: For a quick touch-up to stay fresh all day.
  9. Hair pins and elastics: For quick fixes for hairstyles.
  10. Sunscreen: You already know why…especially for outdoor weddings.
  11. Extra earring backs: You never know when you misplace the one you came with
  12. Antibacterial hand wipes: keep your hands clean without having to visit the washroom and clean stains.
  13. Snacks: Small snacks can keep you going throughout the day.
  14. Power bank: Keep your phone charged so your bridal assistant can capture those moments first hand..
  15. Stain remover pen or Chalk: For any last-minute spills or stains.
  16. Flat shoes or flip flops: Comfortable footwear to give your feet a break.

These are just a few suggestions to consider. You can customize your wedding day emergency kit based on your needs and preferences. For a list of your emergency kit and other resources for that perfect wedding, get The Perfect Wedding Handbook.

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