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10 Important Steps To Plan Your Nigerian Wedding

10 Important Steps To Plan Your Nigerian Wedding

You are very excited, the BEST day of your life is finally going to begin. But for some reasons, like family, indecision but majorly because you’re working with of a tight budget, you are considering being a DIY bride. You are wondering if you can successfully plan your wedding. Though it’s a lot of work but you can carry through, look great and enjoy your wedding ceremony.

Since you don’t take a long break to plan your wedding, it can be very challenging to keep up with making endless decisions, follow up, scheduling, attending meetings, multitasking, dealing with changes from family but with the right mental attitude, great friends, you can successfully pull it off.

Now let’s begin.

1. Get a wedding folder: (I recommend Eventigo’s wedding planner). This will be your wedding planning diary. It will contain everything detail about your wedding and help planning organized.

2. Write out your wedding vision: Many times, Nigerian parents would say “its our wedding but your marriage” with so many differing opinions on how your wedding day should go, you need to know beforehand the type of wedding you want so you can stand your ground on what really matters to you and also help in your negotiation,

3. Determine Your Budget: Your budget is one important wedding consideration. This helps you set limits, boundaries and determine the style and even vendors you book. Where there would be family and friends sponsoring the wedding, you need to ask them their budget. Read how to have this conversation with family.

4. Set Your Wedding Date: Having a good sense of how time you have to plan your wedding is great. You can begin to set timelines, what needs to be done at particular times. You need your wedding date to be able to book any vendor.

5. List out all the items you would need for the event and start getting quotations: You can’t have a wedding without vendors. Begin with the list of vendors you would need and start reaching out to those you have identified to get quotations.

6. Limit Your Options: There are many weddings inspiration out there. You don’t want to overwhelm yourself with too many options because it just makes you indecisive and would increase your anxiety.

7. Be observant: You need to double check before you book a vendor. Social media pictures and huge followership does not always mean good service. Be sure to attend their events or speak with brides that have engaged their service, get reviews to ascertain the service and style is what you want at your event.

8. Start booking early: Once you’ve concluded on the vendor you want to use, book them early. Many times, you are able to get a good discount when you book a vendor early (who doesn’t like to save?)

9. Prepare a comprehensive wedding checklist: You really don’t want to leave things to last minute and you don’t want to forget anything so a wedding checklist is very important. You can get our wedding planner that already has a comprehensive wedding checklist.

10. Enjoy the planning process with your fiancée, friend and family: As a DIY bride, you need all the help you can get and wedding planning is supposed to be fun. Make sure you don’t forget to have fun and bond with your fiancée,
This is definitely not an exhaustive list but I hope this guide will help you in planning your event. Get a FREE 30 minutes wedding consultation.

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