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Lighting The Way: 10 Steps To Illuminating Corporate Event

In the realm of corporate events, lighting is key to creating the right atmosphere and professional edge whether you are organizing a Conference, Product launch, Gala, Dinner or any other corporate gathering. The way you illuminate the space can make a significant difference on how your events is perceived and the experience your guests have.

  1. Design a Lighting Plan: Identify the primary goals and message of the event to be able to tailor the lighting plan that will complement the theme and objective of the event.
  1. Consider the types of Lighting
    There are different types of lighting, which includes: Ambient Light- sets the tone and mood of the event while creating a general illumination. Accent lighting- it highlights the key features or décor elements and also adds depth and visual interest to the elements. While Task lighting focuses on enhancing visibility for presentations, interactive elements or workstations.
  1. Budget Allocation: Collaborate with lighting professionals as early as possible in the event planning process and allocate a dedicated amount to be budgeted for lighting design. 
  1. Venue Consideration: During the process of venue selection, evaluate the venue’s architectural layout and use lighting to enhance the venue’s weaknesses or complement some specific area in the layout.
  1. Use spotlights smartly: Choose spotlights with adjustable focus and beam angles. For instance, if you are organizing a conference, the stage will need require spotlighting on speakers therefore the colors lighting you use for the entire space shouldn’t detract from what’s happening on the stage. The right lightning level must be selected.
panel session for corporate event design with screen, lighting
  1. Use color or stage washes: Color washes is an excellent way to highlight some displays at the event venue, it helps fill spaces with colors and lights. You can opt for plain white light or other colors that align with your corporate colors.
  1. Energy Sustainability: Consider reusable and eco-friendly lighting options for a sustainable event and also use energy-efficient lighting solutions to minimize environmental Impact.
  1. Safety and compliance: As an organizer or event planner, ensure that all lighting setups comply with safety regulations, and conduct thorough lighting testing of all the equipment to prevent technical issues during the event 
  1. Install Gobos lighting: If you want impressive lighting at your venue, use Gobos lights. They are lights that can beam your corporate logo or patterned designs into your event space.
  1. Layering Technique: Combine the different types of lighting for a multidimensional effect and transition in between layers to create moments of surprise, excitement or relaxation.

By aligning your lightning strategy with event goals, event organisers can craft an atmosphere that not only reflects the company’s identity but also leaves a lasting impression on attendees.

Our event design team is fully equipped and ready to illuminate your event into an experience that will be remembered long after the lights have faded. Reach out to us via our contact page.

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