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How To Dance At Your Wedding Even If You Are A Complete Novice

You! Yes you! Must dance on your wedding day. Don’t say I’m not a dancing person, I don’t know how to dance and all those other stuffs. Dancing is part of our way of life and it is used to express our joy and happiness. I will help you. Here are some helpful wedding dance tips

  1. Take dance lessons: If you’re not comfortable on the dance floor or want to learn some new moves, consider taking dance lessons. Dance classes do not have to mean enrolling in a studio. You can watch videos online and practice. The important thing is that you know the basics and can build on that.
  2. Choose a song you both like: This is especially for your grand entrance into the reception and first dance. Pick a song that you both enjoy and that has special meaning to you. You don’t have to stick to traditional slow songs, you can choose a faster-paced or upbeat song that you both love and can move to.
  3. Practice makes perfect: Practice your dance routine (if you have one) before the big day. Practice dancing in the shoes you plan on wearing. This will help you feel more confident and comfortable on the dance floor. 
  4. Relax and have fun: Remember that your wedding dance is a celebration of your love and commitment to each other. Don’t worry too much about getting the steps perfect. Relax and have fun, and let your love for each other shine through.
  5. Consider a surprise dance: If you’re feeling adventurous, consider planning a surprise dance for your guests. This can be a fun and memorable way to kick off the dance portion of the reception.
  6. Don’t forget to smile and laugh: The most important thing is to enjoy the moment and have fun. Remember to smile and enjoy each other’s company on the dance floor. Look into each other’s eyes, let your love for each other shine through.

I hope these tips help you have a wonderful wedding dance experience!

Watch this video on a tutorial for a couple first dance.

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